Dizzy the cat was revitalized when he heard his loving family perform his favorite song

Dizzy, a cat with Cerebellar hypoplasia(CH), has a favorite meowlody. When his mom, who goes by Rhianuh on TikTok, plays it on her laptop, he will immediately stop everything, come over, and start making biscuits. Sometimes, he also “belts out the lyrics,” too. It’s true because the lyrics are all meows.

Dizzy the cat with Cerebellar hypoplasia(CH) reacts to song

When the Bongo Cat cover of “MAGIC!” by Rude comes on, that makes Dizzy very excited.

Below is Dizzy reacts to the all-meow song. He comes over and starts making biscuits. Making biscuits is a pawsitive reaction, so he really does seem to love this song.

“He drops everything and makes biscuits and sings the second the song comes on.”

In a follow-up, Rhianuh explains, “He usually belts out the lyrics but today was more of a biscuit kinda day I guess.” You can see him putting his singing voice to use in this TikTok.

In another case, the cat gives his “Pawprint of Approval” when the song plays. Yep, he loves that song.

Does your cat have a favorite meowlody? We’ve previously shared how musical cats can be. They’ve been celebrated for their dance moves and even tour in cat rock bands. Music therapy can also help with stressed animals and people in shelter environments.

We’ve also seen how Cole and Marmalade reacted to music for cats and how it did seem to be soothing.

Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH)Dizzy lives with Beau, an orange and white kitty. Due to his condition, he is a “wobbly cat” with impaired coordination. So you may see him suddenly doing handstands or losing his balance, but he’s in no pain. Cats with CH can live happy lives with some accommodations, as we’ve shared before.

Dizzy and Dizzy makes tongue blep

You can plainly see this cat is much-loved in this home. Some cats with CH may have greater difficulty moving around, but Dizzy’s case looks minor. Many times, cats learn to improve their balance in the first year, while others may be very wobbly for their lifetime.

Cats with CH may need things like these to make them comfortable:

A custom-built feeding station to support them while eatingCarpets, rugs, and ramps to help them get aroundLimited stair access to keep them from fallingA little daily help with groomingA modified litter box for easy access

You can see some examples of how Dizzy gets around in the TikTok below. It’s different for each cat, but he sometimes throws up his back legs as if doing a handstand. It just makes him unique and even more adorable.

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