Two Best Cat BFFs with a Ten-Year Gap Are Looking for a New Forever Home in Pair

Cat adoption goes hard for single cats, and it’s even tougher when they’re in pair. Sometimes, however, it’s impossible to split a pair of buddies. That’s been the case so far for Fluffy and Floss, two best friend cats with a 10-year difference in age that’s currently in case at the RSPCA.


Fluffy is a 15-year old tabby while the white Floss is 10 years younger. Both cats are shy and like nothing more than to hang with each other. The RSPCA team in Canterbury is looking to adopt the pair instead of splitting the two. Of course, they know it’s challenging, but we believe there’s still good people in the world.


Unfortunately, both Floss and Fluffy are a bit scared of interacting with people, so they will need a bit of work. The new owner will need to be a bit patient and provide the cats the freedom they need. It shouldn’t take long, though – in just a few weeks or a month, they will emerge from their shells and win over their new owner’s heart.


If you think you can offer Fluffy and Floss a loving home, email [email protected]


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